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Gen. Blog Update 3 no comments

Where has the time gone?! It’s been forever since my last update. Suddenly I’m the admin of a wiki for a popular mod and learning a bunch of things in powershell.


Gen. Blog Update 2 no comments


I don’t know what’s more aggravating… Slow download speeds, or the fact that I didn’t bother to check if I had installed Unity and Visual Studio in the first place before getting pumped up to dev. It is what it is, no use in crying over spilled milk.


Gen. Blog Update 1 no comments


Toddler Dump… Zednado… Bush Cutter… A host of misc. games that I’ve started and never quite got around to finishing. Let’s have this, though, be “the day”.

It’s kinda late for a New Year’s resolution, but starting some day is better than not starting any day.

Game Dev you lovely beast, let’s go at it again.