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Alrighty then! First Dev blog!

Zednado 2.0

So pretty much I’m going to be working on a revival of an earlier game I had been working called “Zednado”. I’d put in a lot of time and effort and even $$$ into the original and… Well hey you know what let’s talk about Zednado 2.0!

The intent with this game is to finish it. For real. That means the whole deal: From UI to basic gameplay to actually gosh darn publishing it. The game itself will be just a little escape/shoot’em’up kind of game:¬†You’re driving a vehicle, shooting at zombies/obstacles ahead of you, avoiding those you couldn’t shoot, and all the while trying to get further ahead of the zombie-filled tornado coming up behind you.

Side note: The GIF is from Hook. Robin Williams gets shot in the crotch by… Well you know what I don’t know what kind of arrows those are but he says “I’ve been shot!” in a very comical high-pitched voice. I found it hilarious as a kid.


Simple Beginnings

Simple simple simple. It’s easy for gamedevs to get into the habit of building systems and regularly optimizing their own code. “Screw that” I said on this round. It’s not like I’m going to be writing bad code, just that I’m not going to get bent about something not being in a perfect state right up front. So what have I got right now?

Heh. Don’t look like much, eh? Well, that’s pretty much what the game is going to look like for a little bit. While it feels good to throw in some actual models, honestly you end up spending more time on making little animation tweaks here, fixing some model clipping there… The up front intent is to get something quasi-fun initially, and THEN get some visuals in. I’ve always been a gameplay over visuals kind of guy anyways.

Game Log

- Got the "Road", player, and enemies in
- Some basic enemy movement, random instantiation, and removal
- Very basic hit detection
- Every time the player is hit, the log says "I've been shot!". And I giggle.