Dev Blog #2 no comments


Making some good progress on the game so far.

I had been struggling on getting a good “toss” sort of mechanic into the game at first. Usually, for something so common, you can easily google what you need, but even what I thought to be a “basic” mechanic turned into something that seriously tested my google-fu.

I did EVENTUALLY find the code I wanted, though I did simplify a few parts of it. Some people like to keep on tacking on their “style” to a simple fix, and then eventually also “generalize” it so that it can fit anywhere… This type of thing generally doesn’t work out too well. It just becomes overly complicated, and while copying/pasting may let it work at first, when it comes down to tweaking you get lost (or worse it becomes the culprit of a bug you can’t figure out).

Onward ho!