Gen. Blog Update 2 no comments


I don’t know what’s more aggravating… Slow download speeds, or the fact that I didn’t bother to check if I had installed Unity and Visual Studio in the first place before getting pumped up to dev. It is what it is, no use in crying over spilled milk.

What’s the game?

I spent a bunch of money, more than I am willing, in my first year of “officializing” PauseBreak Studios LLC. So I opted for one thing right now: No money spend. $0. Zilch. I’m poor(er) right now, due to various reasons, but one thing matters above all: I am happy. So the goal right now is to FINISH an actual GAME without spending a dime.


I’m bringing Zednado back to life as we speak. Well I’m actually waiting for these downloads to finish (thanks ISP no local fiber) BUT BESIDES THAT I’ve already gotten a bit of progress I’ll post in the first official “dev” blog.

Ambiguity and Other Things

I decided to kinda skip the whole “ambiguous” sort rhetoric I used to get at. I end up writing these whole extravagant posts about what I’m doing game dev wise, and typically end up saying nothing at all. Kinda weird… I’m fighting it right now still? I keep wanting to go off on a tangent.

So no more to that crap. Otherwise, expect weekly “general” updates like this from me, and then irregular Dev updates, just until I can start churning out content like butter. Speaking of butter, did you know th…. NO, BAD GUIDEZ.