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Where has the time gone?! It’s been forever since my last update. Suddenly I’m the admin of a wiki for a popular mod and learning a bunch of things in powershell.

Frackin Universe is a mod for Starbound. In it’s own right, Starbound (SB)is a decent space-exploration game which takes influences from Terraria, expanding the universe it lives in from a single world to almost an infinite number of worlds. But Frackin Universe (also goes by “FU”) is another thing entirely… We’re talking about taking vanilla SB and increasing the sheer amount of content 10x.

Long story short: I joined up on the mod’s Discord, and suddenly I’m the admin for the Wiki.  And that’s where a lot of my recent time has gone. I’ve been building a parser in powershell that does a TON of things at once, and learned a good deal about powershell along the way that then
translates into my real-life job’s work. It’s definitely something that’s going to be higher up on my resume’s skill list now.

Otherwise… Once things slow down on the Wiki front, I plan to pick right back up on Zednado, so keep any eye out for a dev blog post soon!